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MAGYAREGREGY MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT invites applications for the post of Village Caretaker within the framework of the Civil Service (Kjt.).

Deadline for submission of applications: 2023.03.06. 00:00

You can also access the application at by clicking on the link below.

Municipal development aid

The Municipality of Magyaregregy received 22.664.549 HUF non-refundable budget support within the framework of the Zárkerti Programme (ZP-1-2021) project for the support of municipal development projects aimed at the agricultural use of the zoned land of the municipalities and the creation of the infrastructural background. The title of the project is "Implementation of the development of the Magyaregregy closed-garden road, phase II", ID number: 4445-8/2021/HERMAN.

Within the framework of the project, the Magyaregregy 1007. cadastral district road was developed. Within the framework of the project, the Magyaregregy property 955/1 was also fenced off with a wild fence, with the installation of 4 450 W standard size aluminium frame solar panels.