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Horse chestnut pension

Ideal for families

An island of tranquillity!
Our pension was born out of the transformation of an old water mill

The 40-person restaurant, built from the basement of the former mill, offers a cozy place for meals.
In case of good weather, our guests can dine in the garden in front of the restaurant.
Restaurant only for hotel guests.
Drink all day long.
Breakfast: buffet 8-10 a.m.
Dinner: menu selection, buffet for special periods 18-20 hours
We provide parking in the courtyard for all rooms for our guests.
The rooms are located in attic highlighted attics with protruding windows.
Thanks to the trees that largely overshadow the house and the microclimate of the place, they have a pleasant temperature in summer. In winter, it can be controlled by a guest.
All our rooms have a bathtub bathroom, a built-in wardrobe, cable TV.

Sofas, coffee tables, reading corner, book shelf.
135 m2
It is perfect for joint programs of groups of friends.

Without rent, even for music entertainment. /Condition: sold-out booking/

Finnish sauna: 4-6 people
Infrared sauna: 2-3 people

The 6,300-square-foot park, with its centuries-old trees, sweet fruits, good air and intimate silence, offers great sports and recreation opportunities.
Oven house for up to 36 people.
Skewer /firewood, cauldron, poplar, insured/
Ornamental lake
It is located 800 m from our pension, a small beach on the edge of our village, on the edge of the forest.
Crystal clear with its pleasant temperature water, good atmosphere, it provides an intimate pastime, on warm days for those who want to relax and want to cool off.
The Máré Inn is located on the beach area, waiting for its guests with cold drinks, pancakes and a bowl of dishes.