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Póra Guest House


Ideal for families

The main street of Magyaregregy, the pearl of the Valley, is the guardian of local traditions, the Arnold House, the Museum of Butcher and Local History, the Holy Well religious shrine.
The 3-sunflower Póra House adorns the bottom of forests on Rákóczi Street, which stretches to the hillside. Romantic environment, clean air, beautiful view from the completely renovated modernized peasant powder. Thick walls are cool even in summer. Decorated with a huge wheeled well, the courtyard runs all the way to the forest. Outdoor cooking and baking space is established. For children, it is especially ideal to play ball and catch a large courtyard, and if they feel like playing on the street, feel free to do so, since the traffic on this street is minimal. This will make the little house quiet and peaceful.
It is available in 2 rooms for 6 people. The interiors are decorated with rare painted, period peasant furniture.
The house underwent a complete renovation in the first months of 2021. The cladding of the rooms was replaced while maintaining the character of the house, and during the complete replacement of the doors and windows, we took special care to ensure that the original, but still new exterior awaits the guests.

Target price: 5.000 HUF/person/night.

For winter sledging, you need to go only to the end of the garden. In summer, close to the beach in Magyaregregy, cycling hiking programs to the villages of the Valley, on foot to Máré Castle, to zengő peak, to the villages of Zengőalja.
There are other recreation options that are easily accessible by car or intercity buses (in which we are happy to help):
– Bikalon is a Renaissance experience estate built on the territory of Puchner Castle, which awaits its guests all year round with colorful programs.
– Between Komló and Pécs there is a Mecsextém Adventure Park, which is an exciting recreation for both young and old.
– Wellness centers located in Sikonda, Magyarhertelend, and in summer they offer outdoor pools.
– We recommend the village of Orfű to the lovers of the lakes, where diving, boating, water cycling and rowing are also possible in the lake, in addition, the Aquapark next to the lake is also waiting for those who want to splash and slide.


  • 7332 Magyaregregy, Rákóczi Ferenc utca 97.