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Kozmann Guest House


Ideal for families

Our Kozmann Guest House is located in the heart of the Eastern Mecsek in Magyaregregy. The village of seven hundred and fifty inhabitants lies in a beautiful, forested valley surrounded by hills in the vicinity of Máré Castle. Our traditional farmhouse is located in the middle part of the settlement, but not next to the main road, surrounded by a large courtyard, orchard, barn, barn. According to the nature of the house, it has three interlocking rooms, a furnished kitchen and a bathroom, which provides an ideal rest for five guests. The grassy courtyard can also be used for parking, which allows for the convenient and safe storage of two cars. For those who want to cook and cook, there is a disc, a poplar place, a cauldron and a charcoal grill in the garden and barn, we provide firewood free of charge if required.

Our nearly 100-year-old stable is furnished as a "home museum" and sports facilities, and you can choose from period furniture, rex, billiards, ping-pong table and darts, which are free of charge for guests. The house is rented only once, the price does not include heating costs, if required it is payable according to gas hourly. In our village there is a shop, post office, a Catholic church, which is a shrine to Mary and an espresso ice cream parlor.

The surroundings indicated hiking trails, wonderful forests await those who want to hike, walk, cold water forest beach for the brave and the lovers of the bygone eras.

After a short drive you can admire the Bishopszentlászló Castle and Arboretum, the Swabian folk architecture of Kisújbánya, the Gypsy Hill Lookout and the Pusztabánya

The ruins of a glass hut. Those wishing to bathe can visit the nearby Sikonda Bath, the Thermal Bath in Magyarhertelend and the Lake of Orfű in summer, while the Mecsextrém Park offers unforgettable entertainment for children and adults. In Saxony, a fishing lake awaits anglers, with a daily ticket, parking facilities, the use of boats is not allowed.
The Bikali Adventure Estate is located 20 kilometers away, this is Hungary first family theme park, where the Middle Ages were brought to life.
We look forward to seeing you and your family and friends!